Impulsive and emotional

“You have no idea what you’re talking about. And after all these years, Paul, you don’t know me. You wanna know what I struggle with? It’s not that I’m too reserved, too detached, it’s that I’m too emotional. I’m impulsive and emotional, and I give myself over right away, and passionately. I pour myself out. Can’t you see that I’m protecting myself? Because I’m afraid I get carried away, I won’t be able to think, I won’t be able to analyze, I won’t be able to work. You’ve created this cold version of me that’s limiting and castrating. Because, when you’re arguing with me, you want to see yourself as battling the forces of repression. And if the truth is that I am an emotional person who has to rein herself in, it doesn’t fit with what you need now, does it?”

Dianne Wiest como Gina en In Treatment (1×40)


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