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Get it back

17 septiembre, 2013

“Get it back!”

Jane Fonda como Leona Lansing en The Newsroom (2×07)


Sitting here about to shoot myself

21 septiembre, 2009

“I’ve been sitting here, Ray, about to shoot myself. Just seeing visions of me here, just stuck and getting older and surrounded by all these fucking papers, and all these people’s photographs of all their stupid kids.”

Jane Adams como Tanya Skagle en Hung (1×04)

How would people know who to vote for?

12 febrero, 2009

“We’re actors. If we didn’t exist, how would people know who to vote for?”

Jane Krakowski como Jenna Maroney en 30 Rock (3×05)

Biggest surprise

26 julio, 2008

“You know what the biggest surprise is? It’s not the hero part. No, I always knew Sam was a hero. I just never knew he was a guy like every other guy. I guess you can marry a person and till never really know them.”

Seana Kofoed como Jane en Men in trees (2×18)